About Us

We are middle school math teachers in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. Since 2015 we have adapted a variety of math puzzles in the educational field. Above all, according to the characteristics and abilities of our students. Our purpose is to promote basic math skills, mental math, mathematical ingenuity, and arithmetic and algebraic thinking in a playful, transversal and differentiated way.

On this site you will find all our stuff that we have developed. Such as, images of math puzzles and number challenges to share on social networks. In addition, activities in PDF to print, both student’s versions and teacher’s versions. As well as links to the math games apps that we have developed.

The puzzles that we present to you have been adapted in varying degrees of difficulty to give a tailored challenge to each person or student. And they are in an ascending degree of difficulty with the purpose of putting previous knowledge to the test, thus, generating the need to design new strategies, and therefore, constructively produce new knowledge.

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