Math Games, Riddles and Puzzles by Math Teachers

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Welcome to Aritgram website. Here you can find math challenges divided by degree of difficulty, a variety of printable math worksheets, and math games to improve your numerical skills. Everything is developed by math active teachers. Boost your mathematical logical thinking and your numeracy skills in a fun way. So improve your mental math by solving these puzzles that we leave at your fingertips.

We like math and we hope you like it too with the puzzles we add and will continue to add on Aritgram.

Math puzzles

Solve various math puzzles with several levels of difficulty. For example, the easy ones to improve your mental math and basic operations skills. In contrast, the most complex ones to improve your math logical thinking. You can share these puzzles on social networks in a simple way. Get a numerical tailored challenge to you.

Math Games for practice Mental Math

Play Math Apps that we have developed. You will find different modes and degrees of complexity to test your numerical ability and Ingenuity in Mathematics. Get the best records on the different leaderboards.

Printable Math Worksheets

Print our puzzles on letter size sheet so that you can solve them with paper and pencil, or apply them to your students. We have worked on these numerical challenges in the classroom with our students for the development of skills and achievement of learning in a playful, constructive, differentiated and transversal way.

Math Educational Blog

We share our pedagogical experiences of the various puzzles that we have adapted to the educational context. And how these are linked to the development of arithmetic thinking, algebraic thinking and facilitate the transition between them.