Magic Triangles

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magic triangles with boards


This file contains 6-number and 9-number magic triangles. Try to solve them, in this way, you can develop numerical ability and improve your math skills.

Practice mental math and basic operations solving the 6-number triangles, which can be solved by kids from 7 years old.

Develop mathematical ingenuity solving the 9-number triangles, which can be solved by young people from 11 years old. Firstly, there are the simple ones to solve. Then, those that require a greater degree of ingenuity and numerical analysis. Besides, for adding more challenge, some may have multiple solutions.

We have shared these math puzzles with fellow teachers to be applied in the classroom using a board, which we include to print, and foam number tiles. So the students will have to arrange the tiles with the missing numbers until they complete the magic triangle.

If you are a teacher, don´t hesitate to contact us in about us section to provide you the teacher version with answers.