Number Pyramids

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Pyramid Sums


Improve your basic math skills and practice your mental math with this huge collection of number pyramids. Which contains 15 addition pyramids worksheets of 3 and 4 floor levels.

Find the missing numbers of each pyramid, in order to get completed these math puzzles. You will have to alternate addition and subtraction operations. In this way, it would be easy for you to understand the relationship between them as inverse operations. It’s very important to establish addition and subtraction as inverse operations in order to later be able to solve equations.

Get a tailored math challenge to you or to your students. Since, this math puzzles have different variants of difficulty. Also you can practice basic math operations, mental math, arithmetic thinking and algebraic thinking, all these on a differentiated and transversal way.

Firstly, you can find the easiest number pyramids, which are meant to strengthen basic addition and subtraction operations. In this way you can practice mental math and basic math skills.

After that, you will have the most complex pyramids, which can be solved by linear equations or systems of linear equations. Although, we think it’s better to use ingenuity and numerical analysis to determine the missing values.

You can also find more pyramids in our application Pyramid Sums.