Magic Triangles

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Have fun with our magic triangles game, try to solve all these fun puzzles that we now present to you in an Android App. Improve your mental math and make your students improve it too in a playful way.

We have adapted the magic triangles to basic education for 6 years. In this way, we have worked them with both students and teachers in order to strengthen basic operations, mental math and logical thinking in an entertaining and transversal way.

Put your ingenuity and numerical skills to the test in the various levels that this app contains. You will find 48 levels arranged in 4 difficulty modes. It is suitable for children and adults, as well as for learners and also math geniuses.

You can easily share the records in image format and add your name and group to them. It also contains leaderboards for you to compare your records with those of the other players and try to be on top of each table.

Like our other games, this game is also developed by math teachers and you can find it on Google Play.

You can also download our activities in PDF format on Printable Magic Triangles. So, solve them in writing or apply them in the classroom to your students.


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