Math Academy

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Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, September 10, 2015

Regional session of the Math Academy of Middle school teachers.

In this session we present the Magic Triangles. Puzzles that we adapt and design to apply as start-up activities to start the day right. In this way, mathematical thinking can be promoted.

We received the invitation and the accompaniment of the Head of Mathematics Teaching, Professor Karim Buhaya, to present the magic triangles with their different didactic variables to fellow math teachers in the locality.

We made foam number tiles so that the activity was fun and fluid, and thus, instead of erasing and rewriting on paper, it is only necessary to move the tiles on the board until the math puzzle is completed.

Triangles can be solved in various ways using logic and mathematical creativity. For example, the simplest through mental math. On the other hand, the most complex through the creation of algorithms, combination of elements or even the use of algebraic expressions.

Most importantly, solutions for each triangle can not be unique. In this sense, it was requested to find another possible second solution for each triangle. In addition, justifying why the answer could be unique or why it would not be possible to find another solution.

To conclude, we brainstorming meeting between teachers, socialize and share the most efficient solution methods among teachers. And similarly, how these strategies can be implemented in the classroom with basic education students.

We leave the material that we work in this session at your fingertips in Magic Triangles.

If you are a teacher, feel free to contact us in about us section to provide you the teacher version with answers.